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Quite honestly we have 2

Quite honestly we have 2 different ways of thinking about this. I know all about the paleo diet, and am a Crossfitter myself. I eat Ezekiel bread, and hemp bread, and am a 43 year old, very healthy person. There is not enough data regarding the other grains I mentioned, because you never get them in most foods, and so the "gluten intolerance" is based on wheat. It is the mostly germ-less and processed wheat that has caused all of this so-called gluten intolerance. Who would be driven to conduct costly studies on this? The companies making money from all of the over-priced BS "gluten free" foods. A paleo style diet is based on the false assumption that our ancestors all originated in caves and were meat and leaf eating half-wits. Just like the time tonsils were automatically removed from kids (I was one of them), until the smart-ass arrogant medical community realized it was a part of the immune system, the paleo diet will be found to be lacking, and thinking on it will be revised.