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Colorado and Washington, thats all I will say

due to certain circumstances I keep certain stuff to myself if you understand, but make no mistake, I am just as american as you, Ron Paul and anyone else, I am ready to give everything to our nation so we can live in peace, if worst comes to worst, you have to be prepared And when people warn others that our nation's course is similar to Nazi Germany, are they evil?, are they acting like Hannity, there trying to warn you, warn you that history has a nasty way or repeating itself, Im not here to have you hate Obama, or Bush, but few realize the psychological side of this current mess we are in. Whats my point?, my point is be prepared for the worst. It is in no intention for me to spread hate, You know how much knowledge, education, lectures I share, and spread to so many, do you know how many people boo me, or ignore me or call me crazy because they dont want to hear the truth, how frustrating it is for me to accept that some hate hearing this shit i tell them, even those close to you, I come here to DP because We can all relate, and share much in common, not to hate eachother, I have never faltered or changed my stance on RP winning, and I intend to Remain Consistent with it