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I used to be lactose intolerant until I started drinking raw

milk from healthy grass-fed cows. It has now been almost 8 years & my sinuses have completely cleared & I am no longer intolerant to fact my family consumes about 4 gallons of raw milk per week & we are healthy & fit! I read a book about the healing qualities of raw animals milk, especially cow & goat. It is one of the only complete foods in existence. You can live off of raw milk from grass-fed animals-it is a whole food. The fat in the milk is anti-microbial which rids any harmful bacteria. The healthy bacteria in the raw milk is amazingly healthy for the human gut & digestive system. Part of the reason (there are many) that so many people are sick today is not from drinking raw, pasture raised milk products, it is because they do not have the beneficial bacteria in their gut to properly digest food & assimilate vitamins & minerals. The pasteurized processed (dead) milk from sick animals who do not eat what they should, and always have eaten-healthy pasture grasses, is what is making many people sick. Look at all the cultures who drink raw animals milk & then look at the rate of the diseases (that you described) in those countries. Look at Dr. Weston A Price's findings as he studied the healthiest cultures on earth (namely tribes) & what they ate. A staple for thousands of years was & is healthy raw animals milk...and yes apples, lettuces. greens, healthy pastured animal products, eggs of all kinds, etc. But raw milk is one food that you could live on because of its complete nutrition. Do this test: put a cup of raw milk in a mason jar & a cup of pasteurized milk both with lids, out on the counter or in your cupboard...observe what happens to both:
The Pasteurized Milk: Will Go Rancid!
The Raw Milk: Will separate into curds & whey! Which can be eaten, drunk & used to make all sorts of products such as fermented vegetables, sauerkraut, pickle brine, cheeses, etc.

RAW MILK FROM PASTURE RAISED HEALTHY COWS DOES NOT GO BAD...IT GOES GOOD!! AND IT IS enough to keep millions of people healthy for thousands of years.

Please read all sides of the equation:

james williams