Comment: Exactly. My heart goes out

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Exactly. My heart goes out

Exactly. My heart goes out to the farmers who are losing crops. I grew up on a farm/ranch, so I get it. But something else I get is that the real deal corn is a very hardy plant. It can be grown successfully in many places in some pretty harsh conditions.
It is the Monsanto poison corn that is not up to the job. It is a low yeild crop. Funnier still is this. The gm corn is meant to repel a certain type of corn worm. The worms adjusted and are devouring MOnsanto's remaining corn crops. Tee hee, tee hee, giggle.
If the drought is killing the corn, then it should also bake out the residual chemicals so that they won't damage the ecosystem. But really, why aren't they irrigating? That makes no sense.

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