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Very confused on Big Ag's detriment helps anyone

I'm confused why insufficient rain and crop death help any farmer other than the farmers who work for Big Agriculture.

Insufficient rain and crop death helps only Big Ag companies such as Monsanto. That help is at the expense to every farmer not working for Big Ag. That expense is measured by how much money a farmer has. How much money a farmer has determines if he can adapt to the changes including resistance to being bought out.

Big Ag companies have vast amounts of money, therefore their ability to adapt is great, whereas the farmers smaller than Big Ag's farmers don't have money to adapt, making those farmers, the nonBig Ag farmers, fall to the way side, go under such as being bought out.

This going out of business is the continuation of what's been going on for a long time, market consolidation. Consolidation reduces or stabilizes prices for a while, likely a short while. Then, prices rise and, because the USA's economy is controlled, a falsity and fake, quality's travel will pick up where it left off -- on descension, thereby reach a new low.

Please explain your position.

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