Comment: kudos, really?

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kudos, really?

the problem with the war on drugs, in a libertarian point of view, is that it restricts choice and responsability. When you say that christie is listening to ron paul's message or that the message is comming out and this is proof, that's just wrong. Actually , the obamacare situation seems like a good analogy. People are pissed over romney's stand on the obamacare, he doesn't want to repeal it but "replace" it with something, and christie is applying this to the drug war, his problem is not the fact that innocent people are being arrested over a non-crime, but that putting people in jail doesn't make them quit and he wants them to get treatment instead like it's going to do much to solve the problem.

I do agree that it should be better though, if they end the raids and so-on, but they are probably just too much fun. And raiding houses to put drug users in rehab seems a little too hard to sell to the public.