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yeah we all get your point.

the point, however, that it looks as though you are NOT remembering to mention is this......

people are animals.
animals fight to survive.

trust is a huge thing in survival.
we must all trust in order to survive.
i must trust that the food that you, the chef, put on my table is edible and i will continue to live. if i never trusted the food placed in front of me i would surely die. no?

remove people from their typical environment - allow them to hear words that they normally shun without having even given it a thought - without even KNOWING that they are shunning anything at all - and what do you get? get a possibility that cannot happen otherwise.
this much is a given, as we have already changed the minds of many simply by having been present at the local and state conventions in both 2008 and 2012. this is nothing new, but performing this action within the political arena IS new to many of us - this action takes place in every city and town.....wherever there is more than one human in close proximity - and there you have it.

one should not make the mistake of expecting the same results when the gaps or distances between people are closed.