Comment: How can u make a company immune!!!!??????

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How can u make a company immune!!!!??????

This is OUT OF HAND. Welcome to Nazi Germany 2.0.

Who in the world would say it's ok for a company to be immune from the consequenes of their destructive behaviour...

And, now that this is all becoming "legal" it still ain't "lawful".

We are all in for a hell of a ride unless we do something.

Monsanto is playing God with our food and live stock! GMO everything! Monsanto goes out of their way to VIOLATE the very core of all of us!

They think that we our their property! What are we to do is the question!

So when the evidence is clear that GMO's and the like ARE killing us, do we say, ok, those lovely nice biotech companies were just trying to help, so they get a free pass....


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