Comment: Stop poisoning yourselves go completely organic in your garden!

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Stop poisoning yourselves go completely organic in your garden!

I just planted a 1/4 acre of melons with only horse manure under each seedling. After just 2 months I have some as large as basketballs, the vines are growing 2 feet per day. I had a lot of cucumber beetles attack them, instead of spraying poison I mixed Diatomaceous earth in water. I sprayed this on and wiped out the beetles in 3 days. It cost maybe 50 cents too treat the whole patch.

So drop that can of pesticide and go organic this is much easier, cheaper and safer to do. And I don't kill any of the beneficial worms either.

If you do a little research you will find that bugs don't like attacking healthy plants. Now I will start to spray them with worm tea that comes from my manure worms. This worm tea will cause the plant to grow a slight film on that bugs hate, and if you water the seedlings with it they will be drought resistant.

There was a farmer in the early 1900's that figured this out, he had the best land in the county. When he sold his land it brought twice the price of land around him. You can read the story here:

If you never visited it is a excellent website.

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