Comment: I suppose at the risk of a bashing....a bit of irony perhaps?

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I suppose at the risk of a bashing....a bit of irony perhaps?

I dream of an America where Anglo Christian values are not persecuted.

I dream that one day, people might leave bibles in every hotel room.

I dream that one day, Christians might not be hiding in basements in back alleys but will build huge churches with tall steeples RIGHT ON THE PUBLIC SQUARE.

I dream of a day when there will be Christian programming on TV, billboards, radio shows and Christian books in special places called Christian bookstores.

I long for a day when people feel free to wear crosses around their necks, on the dashboards of their cars and even tattooed on their bodies.

Perhaps one day, Christians might even be allowed into the White House and other places for "National Prayer Breakfasts" and Congressional prayer and ceremonies right smack dab in our nation's capitol.

And perhaps one day our founding documents be revised to include references to this religion.

Wishful thinking? Then perhaps one day, Christians will set off in search of a place and a land to call their own. So that they can dwell free of this persecution. Apparently this hemisphere in addition to most of Europe is simply antithetical to these interests.

It truly has come to the point that the founders and their ancestors who stole this land fair and square wouldn't even recognise the place.

Next time you see a minister of a large church driving his Cadillac around town, go ahead and give him all the change in your pocket. The poor fellow will thank you for even a morsel of bread or a thimble full of water or even a shed or a barn to sleep in for the night. It was good enough for Messiah and will be like a palace to these poor refugees.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.