Comment: juxtapose raw cows milk with soy, rice, almond, oat milk

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juxtapose raw cows milk with soy, rice, almond, oat milk

...and the processes that those items must go through to become "milk". Raw cow, goat & sheep milk has been used for centuries in yogurts, creams, butters(raw butter is one of the healthiest forms, especially cultured butter), butter milk, kifir, cheese (cheese was very popular because you could travel with it before mass transportation. You dont need a factory to get raw animals milk...just healthy pasture & the animals. To avoid the wisdom of antiquity & believe the propaganda of the day (literally it changes daily) is not healthy. Michael Pollan, author of the 'Omnivores Dilemma' correctly states that Americans are so confused as to what to eat. The propaganda of the day about what foods are healthy & what foods are not is purposefully confusing. But go to older cultures who are not consumed with television & fad diets. Those cultures dont question what to eat, they know what to eat...what grandma & great grandma ate, and her mother before her. Its simple...history is full of food wisdom. Cancer is a new phenomenon. Heart disease does not come from eating whole foods such as whole fat raw milk from grass-fed animals. Doctors & medicine men used to use raw milk as a medicine for their patients...a very effective medicine for all types of ailments including bowl problems, respiratory dysfunction & over all health.

james williams