Comment: Krugman is certifiably evil

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Krugman is certifiably evil

He had to spin his way out of that one by BSing the whole "who has the burden of responsibility here" issue, while completely ignoring the very important point brought up by the lady, namely: isn't this about savers vs. debtors? Isn't this about the prudent vs. the profligate? To answer Krugman succinctly: Yes, workers (of which a large number of them happen to be debtors unsurprisingly) are responsible for the crisis MORESO than savers who had the prudence to not act as speculators with borrowed money. The lady's right. Savers will pay the price and suffer the burden of "forgiving" profligacy from all of the opportunists and speculators (on both ends), with lowered purchasing power of their currency. It is theft, and Krugman is showing his twisted amoral side sinisterly and hypocritically with feigned concern for "the little guy". The guy is morally bankrupt. Pun intended.

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