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Comment: As I've looked at the posts on this thread I've become

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As I've looked at the posts on this thread I've become

quite concerned. Within the negotiations should have been specific concessions. The person that keeps telling everyone that we have do to it this way has been a member for 16 weeks??!!!!!?? Any negotiations should have a give and take and I'm still trying to see what Laura and her delegates have been given? Did the Nebraska RP leadership demand that there be no electronic balloting? I don't see any concessions whatsoever for this foundational point. Why not? You should have absolutely required this without a doubt in my mind. The message is that you've got it all handled, and people here are going OMG!! because of several concerns, not the least of which I have mentioned. What are you going to do if you lose because you did not negotiate a good deal? I'm starting to really wonder about the reasoning, which appears to be something like: If you piss people off you wouldn't get ahead. These people cannot and will not really be appeased at any time. They are already pissed off and there's not a damn thing you do about that, except strategize effectively, which includes good negotiating skill. Where's the concessions?? I would really like to know and I also would really like to know how you can expect to have any kind of win with electronic balloting?