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This is absolutely necessary. It is precisely because of these computer programs where all the problems begin. As hard as we pressed for hand-count verification in the delegate selection process, the AZ GOP fought tooth and nails to not perform them. Only a few of our Congressional Districts were hand counted and that was because of the courageous efforts of one (Romney Supporter) Drake Mitchell who would not verify the results when he knew in his CD1 that they were wrong.

DEMAND transparency. Organizations and Elected officials who have integrity will not oppose this! What is there to hide if you are not involved in a criminal act of fraud.

Nebraska, please take our advice and watch like a hawk. Write everything down that you see and hear that seems strange. You never know how all of it will link together. I didn't know when I was watching AZ what all of it would lead to. Many pieces fit together to form a big picture.

May liberty be with you!