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I don't think so (((((((( LL )))))))))

My experience:

The GOP was infiltraited and is occupied as a straw man for MSM. It's why RP asked us to join and take those committee seats, as they are there for the taking. Too many of us did not do that.

My committee has been happily running on empty for years, and this reflects committees all over the USA.

RP gave the LP the perfect storm to go MS, but they refused, rather remain a 3RD party.

As a former dead head, for decades we had a community that survived despite the establishment and the war on drugs. I recall the first time I watched the police walk up to a guy who was minding his own business. They zeroed in on him, and when they began frisking him, I couldn't take it. I was about to get up and tell them, "STOP IT!", but some friends pulled me back saying, "No Sister, don't go there, because if you do, not only will they arrest you, but they will call for help and we'll have an army here."

That's the way it was. You went at your risk and avoided the cops, didn't stand out, just did your routine whatever that was, and we had very few arrests. But then in the 90s, the crowd changed, and these new folks felt they were entitled, and they had violent streaks, and they didn't care about peace and love. They cared about being part of the party, and they would come to the shows and break down the fences and ruin it. I feel I'm seeing much the same thing happening in the rEVOLution. Few even call it that anymore, it's a Liberty movement, and it's not kind, or careing, but robotic and hungry, and threatening, and careless.

How many times do I read, "I don't care!" Too many times.

The grateful dead didn't need me, I needed them. The GOP doesn't need us, we needed them, but folks don't think they need anything but to be mean and chant Rah Rah Ron Paul, while not bothering to do what he asked all of us to do.