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Back At You...My Friend (not like LL says..haha)

..I emailed you. Did you get it? Want to send you some music and need your address. I am in San Diego...I think you are left coast too but farther north...right?

Hang in there. You are doing great, but take a total break sometime soon because this is going to wear on you. Most of these folks now on the DP are from outer space anyway!

Get all the spiritual lessons you can from the stand you are taking...because, as you know, there are a lot. My own interpretation is that what we take over to the next life is not what we figure out all alone on a mountain top..but rather what we do with others (2 or more) and it isn't all in worship. Perhaps even more important is how we stand our ground about principles and character decisions when up against adversity ... how we earnestly attempt to explain ourselves. For the most part you have done so with grace. You are racking up some *mercy* credits IMO ...really.

But save yourself if need be and get to Tampa someway. Your understanding of what Ron Paul has asked of us is needed there and, I feel, all of a sudden you will be surrounded by like-minded people will feel so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!