Comment: I was a big CNN fan until

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I was a big CNN fan until

I was a big CNN fan until this election cycle. I caught my first RP interview on CNN in 2007. They "introduced" me to him. I haven't watched or read a bit from them since the Iowa Caucus. I get news from RT, from Ben Swann, The Examiner and DP. I read local news online. I'm not much a TV watcher anyway, so the two shows I do enjoy I just record and skip through the b.s. It really is amazing to see the difference between a MSM feed person and an internet one. We the internet folk are so much more informed. It's sad, really. It's sad that we have to do research to find the truth.

Anywho... this girl has zero faith in television news. I don't even trust the weather forecasts they give. :)