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I own

a TV and have a cable subscription, and consider myself fairly aware.

You of all people should know that they "pre-condition" the public for their agenda through the TV, Film and other forms of media.

There is nothing wrong with monitoring enemy transmissions. It may provide some warning of certain things coming down the pike.

I must admit that I have enjoyed blacking out the MSM "news" outlets lately. Even when they were giving RP limited coverage, it was painful to watch those "presstitutes" going about their business. They are vile creatures. I should have punched Carl Cameron in the face when I had the opportunity in New Orleans.

That is why I have a great deal of respect for people like "Moxy" of Mox News who ingests hours of this poison at a time, just to bring us a couple of snippets on youtube.

Just because one "owns" a TV, doesn't mean they believe everything that comes out of it.