Comment: How bad it's gotten

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How bad it's gotten

You know the msm are in over their heads when 50% of Americans get their news from word of mouth (the percentage might be higher but I couldn't find anything to back that up) maybe America has a chance if neighbors start communicating with one another. I love coming to the DP after getting assaulted verbally by Romney supporters on various websites. I don't fight them, or even try to convince them, I simply ask them to be civil and have a conversation about the state of our government, and why they think romney is the best choice for change; which strangely enough they want too. We all are after all Republicans, some of them are just mislead or don't care enough to fight the establishment. But for some reason they all have the energy to call me Paulbot,Paultard,Ronbot,Paullock etc. I welcome their insults because if that is the best they can do in defense of their candidates stances we have got this in the bag!

Mike G.