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Comment: Many should realize that it takes

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Many should realize that it takes

time for people to wake up and grow balls, seriously, we can't expect everything to happen overnight, I want to see this all over, I want to see Obama, romney, Bush, Bankers, all these murderers and clowns tried for the crimes they've done on humanity, I want to see the troops rise up and defy their leaders, and you can tell them all you want that we represent real change, but its they who will decide to soak this all up, just be patient, ask yourself this, did any of you expect us to be, so far into the movement, making history and changes, and fighting back this hard?, Not many can say yeah, so lets see what happens, I am crying inside with happiness that RP has taken the delegates from romney, I truly cant wait for us to give them the middle finger at Tampa, with a nice smile lol

President Ron Paul 2012!