Comment: Blame a lot of it on WW2

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Blame a lot of it on WW2


Anybody who fought in it - even if they LIED to get in and got out at 16 (I'm talking theoretically here) they would be some 84 years old now.

But the Keynesians think that WW2 got us out of the Great Depression - so its GOOD TO DO AGAIN!

And it made us the most powerful nation in the world in terms of military, production, consumption, you name it. So its GREAT TO DO AGAIN!!!!

WW2 is like a giant mill stone around our neck - the memory of which is BEGGING us to do stupid things now, under completely different conditions, that would mean suicide for us as a nation.

And now of course we have developed drones and little tiny unmanned submarines (now being deployed in the Straight of Hormuz) so we can have all those wonderful side effects of WW2 and NOBODY GETS HURT!!!! (Well.... except for foreigners - mostly Muslim - but we have decided that they are subhuman anyway so who cares.)

If this stuff isn't scaring the hell out of you - then YOU AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION.