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I am presenting this as a free terror servive to my fellow DP posters. You don't have to thank me.

As you know Hitlery and Obomber are doing everthing possible to invade Syria. (To hell with the Syrian people. They think they have an election to win and an economy (yeah right) to save.)

Hitlery tried to get UN approval. Tried to provoke a NATO incident. Tried to misinterpret a resolution. So far nothing has worked.

They kind of wanted a limited war with Syria first and then to extend it to Iran. But things never work out as you want them to. Iran is getting bold now and mining the Straight of Hormuz. Russia is sending twelve ships to the Gulf and in response the US is now sending even an unexpected THIRD aircraft carrier.

Folks this is building up really fast now - but there is still one key issue missing. We don't have a firing pin. We need a Pearl Harbor or a 9/11 (that isn't 11 years old). We need a BIG false flag and we need it quick.

Its coming. I don't know what yet - but I give it two months. And in that time the US government will do something, ANYTHING to drive public opinion. NOTHING is off limits.

They took out the World Trade Towers last time. It could be anything this time. The Olympics? The Empire State Building? The White House (while everybody is conveniently away of course)?

I guarantee that within 60 days - the US powers that be will give us an event that right now we can barely imagine. Its being planned as we speak right now. And we will all see a HUGE false flag very very soon.