Comment: What is this?

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What is this?

I'm sorry, I don't see where Senator Paul is supporting this.

The part that supposedly backs up the claim is this:

Confirming Rand Paul's support of this bill was Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who said "I am very pleased that this important piece of legislation passed quickly and unanimously in the Senate today, demonstrating the United States' strong, unwavering commitment to Israel and its security and self-defense."

Just who is Senator Isakson? I looked at his page and he doesn't seem like anyone I could just trust at face-value. And even if I did, how is him saying he is pleased at the legislation passing in any way stating Rand Paul supported it?

The post you have here even says it was conducted by voice vote and not recorded. I was expecting some kind of slick detective work to get around this apparent anonymous vote, but instead it's a long post filled with links that don't support any claims.

Please provide some evidence for your claims or you get no trust from me until that is done. Rand can actually support it or not, I just want to see some evidence either way.