Comment: Occam’s Razor Cut the Gordian Knot

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Occam’s Razor Cut the Gordian Knot

Bob's conclusion : [[ We either do something about it or we don’t. We either firmly grasp Occam’s Razor and slice through the Gordian Knot of distractions or we do nothing thus choosing slow suicide for us and everything else. ]]

There is a mix-up or mess-up, admittedly a lot of confusion in human environs. This is all a TEST = (Truth Engenders Sane Thought). Bob has to search more with eyes that can see, and ears that hear, and discernment to sift through the mix of true & false, or fair & foul. It is not wise to abandon the basic (instinctual faith) because it was covered with gaudy material.

From the follies of youth he has matured to solving knotty problems of our age, placed by naughty men who knocked out Knox, it$ not audited.