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Fonta...Mike fixed my post

My original post does not look like the one you see now. I did it incorrectly in the original post. I think I knew I was not suppose to do that but I thought as long as I put the authors name at the top and included the link it would be okay...but, I've never run a board or site and I do know the DP has had issues in the past so I certainly want to follow the rules as much as possible.

Thanks too for the kind words about my posts. I try not to post things that are not interesting but some of my posts are doesn't stop me from posting them but I do try and avoid getting into pissing contests with people that bash me. My intention is never to annoy anyone or upset someone's world view...but I have learned A LOT of stuff over the past few years...and I think people should be aware of what I have found out. Everything I post is easily verified by anyone that takes the time to do the research.