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Comment: What Ben Needs To Know

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What Ben Needs To Know

I love this guy...but Ben should know better than anyone - when you alienate a base of voters, you're going to drive them away. As we used to say in the deep South, "If you pee on the campfire, make sure you're not standin' downwind". Romney is standing downwind - the vast majority of YOUNG PEOPLE (you know...the ones the GOP needs and Ron Paul attracts) get their news from alternative media...and the alternative media (of which Ben is a part) have been following the trail of Romney dirty tricks (and one of them is probably the malware attack that tried to keep me off a KNOWN SAFE SITE - this site). I see young people LEAVING TWO-PARTY POLITICS IN DROVES, and who can blame them? How many of them supported Rand Paul only to see him flip? How many of them were also fooled by Marco Rubio and Scott Brown, the Tea Party darlings?

Young independents should stay clear of the pee smoke of the Romney's going to fill the air in Tampa.

Be seeing you.