Comment: Rand Paul will sell this

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Rand Paul will sell this

Rand Paul will sell this country out to the Zionists at the flip of a dime. He is a better than average politician having come from his father, but he is no Ron Paul. I still support him for the sake of the other principles he stands for, but he has NEVER had the courage to say we need to disentangle ourselves from Israel as his father has. the fact that we have so few politicians who actually are not bought off by AIPAC and the Israeli lobby is a testament to just how pervasive the zionist influence has over the mechanisms and apparatus of control such as foreign policy, the media, etc. the U.S. is not very different from Weimar Germany or Russia before the eve of the Bolshevik revolution. Zionism is only the political manifestation of an already long established ethnic/tribal domination over the system through nepotism and in-group altruism. I recommend everybody read Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald to understand anything that I am talking about.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.