Comment: So this isnt the one I saw in

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So this isnt the one I saw in

So this isnt the one I saw in Poly Sci a couple of years ago. I had trouble finding it on youtube so I went with this one, but just found after watching most of it they dont talk about a few key issues. One is impermiable cover. Basically the number of roads we have creates a ton of runoff and pollutes our water table.

The other one was the really interesting ways some british towns figured out a way to somehow have a city that has the starkest "city limit" I've ever seen. Basically its all big city up to a well defined line and the rest is farm land. The europeans have had to confront this problem being a few thousand years old by now where land is in short supply.

That video is better and doesnt have all of the sentimental arguements this one does. Maybe its the one poke is talking about. It featured some guy from my area, philly.