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Comment: Time will Tell

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Time will Tell

Thanks, as always Matt has alot to say. It isn't even the RNC, it is the powers above them (Bilderbergs, illuminati etc.). If the media runs with this story then they want Obama. I can see why the powers that be would fight to keep Obamacare, but when it wasn't struck down I wondered if they were trying to get the Republicans to rally behind a listless Mitt, although it might have harmed him more, based on Romney care. Speaking of that, a special thanks for that great Mitt shot with the red circle around Replace! It seems like the media has again swept this important fact under the rug. This could get interesting, but I'm guessing they won't even go there. I think the Republicans don't strategize that much. The party faithful take their orders from above and the leadership takes their orders from above the party and again we have two of their hand picked favorites to ruin our nation. Ron Paul is the only real solution.