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Comment: I think you are missing the point

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I think you are missing the point

The push to promote and fund contraception and abortion is not based on any kind of conern for women. It is based on eugenics, rich muckety mucks who have their vision of what the world should be. Their vision is and has been since the beginning (read about Margaret Sanger) a movement to kill off or reduce poor populations instead of helping them by allowing them equal economic participation under the law.
Women have been indoctrinated to separate sexuality from the natural outcome of the behavior and reduce the sex act to recreation status. This has had devastating consequences for the family, children, and women themselves. Women are not men and humans are not mere animals. Training them to destroy their own progeny is a monstrous practice. Men, and more importantly, fatherhood, have been deemed irrelevant by the social engineers, women paid to reproduce and not marry. Men have also bought into this social engineering via the media to behave like immature, irresponsible animals, abandoning children they may have fathered.