Comment: It's not erroneous...

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It's not erroneous...

Every time I come to this site now, some sort of event happens that triggers a java script that errors out. It has all the hallmarks of a java exploit trying to launch a trojan or a worm.

If it's not a virus on your server, then it is someone who is advertising on your site and their ad is an exploit of some kind and people here are at risk of being infected.

When the Googlebot came by to index new content, it recognized the script and penalized you. You are now sandboxed. Sometimes Google will let you out, sometimes they don't. It's a gamble because they answer to nobody. You lucked out the last time it happened.

What you need to do is contact your hosting company and have them scan your server. If it's clean, you need to figure out which ad is triggering the event and ban that advertiser.

I would normally assume the former, but since you guys aren't sharp enough to keep Mitt Romney ads from showing on the site, it's more likely the latter.