Comment: I've never been blocked

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I've never been blocked

Am not sure what you guys are talking about. This computer uses Eset Nod32 antivirus, browses with internet explorer, and is hooked to comcast cable.

Occasionally Eset will put up a sticky saying it cleaned something, that's all. Never any warning about the daily paul being bad, and never has it stopped me from going to the Daily Paul.

BTW, as far as virus protection, I found many years ago that Eset is the good stuff; it is much, much lighter than the others, putting little or no load on the computer, it's non intrusive to the user, and it really appears to have kept all my computers clean for many years despite all sorts of unconventional browsing and downloading. Well worth the 30-40$ a year.

But yeah, my computer has not shown any of the blockage or warnings being talked about.