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Krugman should be insulted

It was not credentials that Schwartz questioned, it was his actual education and reasoning ability.

Krugman chooses to be a Keynesian stooge and zealot. He should not be insulted that Schwartz berates him for being shallow and mentally unqualified.

I believe Krugman should have been insulted and not over credentials but over his intellect and intentional ignorance.

Krugman's straw man is used to divert attention away from his intellectual errors and on to credentials. Krugman is a coward and knows that he cannot win the debate so he resorts to diversion.

Finally Krugman justifies Keynes with a double fallacy one of single cause claiming that low inflation is due to Keynesian policy (ignoring real market deflation) and two a false generalization essentially cherry picking today's low net inflation rate and ignoring data from the last two centuries that point to the exact opposite.