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Comment: Hey, it is P.Au.L. on the Front Page of the DP-Again-What a

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Hey, it is P.Au.L. on the Front Page of the DP-Again-What a


What is that-4 Days in a row?

P.Au.L. that has had an account for 5 yrs 24 weeks yet has only posted since late July 2011?

P.Au.L. that has made a grand total of ONE (1) comment in 5 Years 24 weeks.

What was that comment?


Bumping one of his/her posts.

Who is P.Au.L.? I haven't a clue but this much I know:

1. On the Front Page of the DP near daily all of a sudden.

2. The above described strange user account.

3. Posted a few days ago that RP already has the 5 states needed to be nominated at the convention. For this assertion he provided a clip from FOX recorded in May 2012.

This was posted just prior to the critical Nebraska R Convention?

Not like saying(well yeah, it is exactly like saying); "Don't sweat Nebraska folks, FOX told us we got it in the bag back in May". Our pals at FOX.

Then yesterday, P.Au.L. posts an interview of a guy named Austin Petersen, Austin Petersen of "FREEDOM WORKS" where this dude Petersen just repeats the standard establishment talking points about RP and the LIBERTY Movement?? Stuff like: "RP is NOT going to win the nomination" and "RP always knew that" and it was never about winning the nomination. Also, "RP supporters a small, vocal minority" and "being allowed a 15 min speaking slot(not in Prime Time no doubt) would be a great Victory". Implying that was the goal all along-just like the meme of the establishment for months.

More on P.Au.L's pal Austin Petersen and "FREEDOMWORKS":

Excerpts from the full Bio linked above:

"Austin Petersen is the new Director of Interactive Media at the Tea Party think tank "FreedomWorks", as well as the Executive Producer/CEO of Stonegait Pictures, LLC., a for-profit consulting firm that provides high end video and photography as well as consulting services for a wide range of clients."

"After three years of working in the entertainment business, Austin became engaged in politics during the 2008 Presidential election cycle and moved to Washington DC to accept a job at the Libertarian National Committee."

"Through social media and a newly developed internship program, he effectively doubled the size and scope of the activism portion of the Libertarian Party from 2008-2009

even serving on the Presidential campaign for

Bob Barr,

former House Representative from the State of Georgia."

"After his time with Atlas he joined the

Fox Business Network

in 2010 and returned to New York City to work at


"FREEDOMWORKS" is to FREEDOM as the PATRIOT ACT is to Patriotism.

Recent Email sent out by "FREEDOMWORKS" soliciting support for Neo-Cons Alan West and Steve King:

EMAIL BEGIN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Dear Patriot,

CREDO SuperPAC, a radical group bankrolled by progressive billionaire George Soros, has just launched a massive campaign targeting Rep. Allen West and raising unlimited sums of money to take him out this election. Reports indicate Soros has personally pledged $5 million to beat Rep. West.

defend allen west.jpg

Please click here and help us defend Allen West right now!

Rep. West is part of their “Take Down the Tea Party Ten” campaign which pledges to defeat ten fiscally conservative legislators and so far they’ve added Rep. West to a hit list which also includes Rep. Steve King, Rep. Joe Walsh, and more.

Please give as generously as you can right now to help us defend Rep. Allen West, Rep. Steve King, Rep. Joe Walsh, and the rest of the Tea Party 10!

Since the 2010 midterm elections, these brave legislators have fought to return America to fiscal sanity. They’ve fought to cut spending, reduce the debt, and balance the budget. We have so much more work to do and we can’t get it done without their voices in Congress.

Please click here right now and chip-in whatever you can afford—$20, $50, or even $100—to defend Allen West and the Tea Party 10!

Thank you for your generous support.

In Liberty,


Matt Kibbe

EMAIL END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Is it possible to have some transparency on the Daily Paul on how/whom Front Pages what? How hard would it be to provide a record of who makes the FP decision for each item FPed?

Having something on the FP is very powerful. All of us have our own views on nearly every topic and we have "camps" on the DP. Would it be beneficial to have some transparency regarding "FRONT PAGING" so as to discourage a camp or camps from dominating the very powerful Front Page Real Estate?

Who could/would be against having it documented who Front Paged what? What benefit is there in having that information remain unknown to the DP community?

User P.Au.L. has been Front Paged approx. 3/4 days in a row?

P.S. Michael, I know you are very busy but please comment on this when you have a moment. Thanks

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I mean to rout you out!

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