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Lighten up dude

P.Au.L = Peace | Gold | Liberty. It the the Daily Paul's Editor account, and it is used to post stories that are otherwise missed by members of the community.

Jeez. Lighten up. The Austin Peterson video gave a different perspective. It had nothing to do with Allen West, Steve King, etc. It got 90-something upvotes, and one downvote (you).

In response to your questions:

Is it possible to have some transparency on the Daily Paul on how/whom Front Pages what? How hard would it be to provide a record of who makes the FP decision for each item FPed?

Here is all the transparency you need: Stories on the front page are chosen by me, the moderators & editors.

Having something on the FP is very powerful. All of us have our own views on nearly every topic and we have "camps" on the DP. Would it be beneficial to have some transparency regarding "FRONT PAGING" so as to discourage a camp or camps from dominating the very powerful Front Page Real Estate?

You sound like a socialist. Should everyone get a turn, and an equal voice?

Who could/would be against having it documented who Front Paged what? What benefit is there in having that information remain unknown to the DP community?

Who could be against it? Me, that is who. You sound like the IRS. I've already got to keep track of every penny that comes into this site and goes out. I've got viruses and malware attacking the site. I've got trolls and rogue users attacking the site. I've got others that are just being gadflies and posting useless threads like Money Bomb for Allen West and Steve King.

And you want me to be responsible to you? (Who are you again?)

If I were in a better mood, like on most days, I would find this funny and would just laugh it off.

But today I'm in a very foul mood because of that malware attack yesterday, so you better watch your step.

User P.Au.L. has been Front Paged approx. 3/4 days in a row?

Yes, because this community is shrinking, so a lot of stories that would once have been picked up by community members are going unnoticed.

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