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By- laws

First, I had to petition Republicans in my area ans get 20 valid signatures. It's not hard, but I had to get more than 20 because people who say they are GOP, aren't, or the signature is not valid for one reason or another. I campaigned as a Ron Paul Republican, so I got NO help at all from my GOP. The others had a party where eveyone signed everyones petitions. It took them one cocktail party to get their signatured and me, weeks of campaigning ALONE.

Second, when I qualified, I was notifed by the county clerk who gave me a letter, and with that letter, I went to their office and HAD TO SIGN FORMS. Those forms were: 1. An Oath to the Constitution. 2. A loyalty Oath to the GOP saying I would uphold the By-laws on my committee. 3. a 470/ I would commit no fraud or purgery.

Third, once I had done that, I was on the ballot, because no one ran against me for that seat, I won by default.

At the central committee, I was given several packages of papers, 1. The adopted Draft Platform of the GOP 2.Inniative committee report. 3. Resolutions committee report. 4. Rules committee report. 5. The By-laws.

In the By-laws there is a section : REMOVAL, what is important here for this topic, and why I wrote the top post:

1. Causes for removal include:

a. Registering to vote as other than a member of the Republican Party (this was the concern with Americans Elect)

2. PUBLICALL ENDORSING or supporting a candidate for any partisan office who is opposed by a candidate who is a Republican, or who the Committee endorses.

3. Publically advocating that voters should not vote for the nominee of the Party for any office.

So, IF I want to continue to Represent RON PAUL as a REPUBLICAN, where there is POWER to place on the ballot, Ron Paul's message in the form of issues, candidates, and vet delegates, someone needs to be placed on the committee. Since NO ONE, No other Ron Paul Republicans showed up to fill those empty seats, I am alone, facing 6 Neocons, who would LOVE to publically humiliate me, disqualify me and boot me off the committee.

They KNOW that those seats are powerful and worthy in affecting WHO and WHAT goes on the ballot for the voter to choose.

Why aren't YOU on a committee? You think your vote is worth something? My vote represents 1700 people and I'm standing for Ron Paul within the limits of the law that I have signed and agreed to uphold.

IF I can run for another office and claim it, I will be free of the committee by-laws and can openly endorse Ron Paul, but until then, all I can do is be on a committee and vote NO to taxes, NO to bail outs, NO to Neocons, NO to bigger giovernment, NO to a police state NO to Obama, and Pray to God, some one wake up and joins me.