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Romney is not running to win

Romney is running so Ron Paul Republicans will stay OUT of the GOP and let Obama win so they can nail us into a NWO.

Why is Romney and Obama's so much alike? Because they don't want you to have a choice, a voice.

They put up Romney KNOWING you wouldn't go there and that keeps them in POWER.

The fact remains, they stay in power because they dare to go where too many here would NOT, on a committee. They don't even like Romney, but they LOVE the power that could be ours if we showed up and took those seats.

RON PAUL WAS TELLING THE TRUTH. Believe it! I did, and I have no regrets.

For all the down votes, the irony is, I'm the only one is a county of 36K people who is standing for Ron Paul within the limits of the laws I agreed to uphold.

I shouldn't have to be alone. Where are you?