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I dissagree

I think anyone who didn't even TRY to get on a committee is working to destroy the rEVOLution by default.

I believe Romney is a red herring to force Ron Paul Republicans into leaving the party which has power, and voting for something else like GJ or Obama.

You are correct about what we need to do. I'm only doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do.

I have to keep my oaths, until I can get elected to another office. Then I'll be unbound by the by-laws, like Ron Paul, and free to be open about Ron Paul (which I am, in how I vote on the committee: NO).

Like Ron Paul, and all Ron Paul Republicans like me, WE NEED YOU TO BACK US, not Romney, US. All Romney does is empower our committees, and why not? No matter who you vote for, even if it's Ron Paul as a write in, unless Ron Paul gets the nomination, it's a vanity vote.

It may make you feel good about yourself, and I'm not knocking that, but it neglects those who dared to go where, for whatever reason, you didn't: A seat on a committee the represents thousand of people, not just you.