Comment: Yes, it's OK

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Yes, it's OK

Yes, it should be OK from Walmart to build. I'm skeptical with protest due to increase traffic. If the school is consistent, then it should protest every single new businesses because each has the potential to increase traffic.

I do not share the concern that Walmart is driving out businesses. That's what happens in the real world. Sears drove many businesses out. Then it was K-mart. And then Walmart kicked K-mart out. What's next? Amazon maybe? A new entrepreneur with innovative supply chain system to outprice Walmart? That's how free market should be. I foresee that Walmart will no longer be dominant someday. Look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (stock index of 30 huge US companies) in 1900 vs 2012. General Electric was the only one remained in the index from start to now. The others either went bankrupt (such as GM) or were no longer dominant (Eastman Kodak).

I have two businesses. If I big player come to my neighborhood, my choices are to run business as usual, find a way to compete (find a niche), go online, etc. I don't want to grab torch and pitchfork with the labor union, and community organizers to stop the big player from coming.