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Don't extrapolate my argument

You're trying to paint my argument as if I disagree with you.


I never said fat makes people fat. I was trying to highlight the ridiculous non-point made by the OP that fries are a bad food only because of dat dere sugar.

Fries are bad, IN PART, because of sugar. It also doesn't help that in consuming fries you're also consuming a large amount of calories in return for very little nutritional value, especially considering the volume in which they are consumed. How can you honestly say you know what you're talking about, yet reject the idea that calorie density plays a part in overall health?

At the end of the day, a person is going to be either healthier or unhealthier depending on the decisions made in regard to their diet. You don't HAVE to do any one thing. I CAN eat food high in sugar and maintain overall well being, but it may not be easy or enjoyable. The OP stated that you HAVE to cut out sugar in order to lose weight, and that's just flat out wrong. Sugar is not the be all, end all of unhealthy dieting.