Comment: Yes, we will agree to dissagree

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Yes, we will agree to dissagree

Ron Paul is not bound by central committee by-laws as I am. Maybe this is to encourage us to run for a higher office so we are unbound?

Of course Romney and his Neocons buddys will do everything they can to make sure they retain power. Duh. Ron Paul suggested, that unlike Ralph Nader who tried 4 attempts from the outside and failed in deep debt not winning one lawsuit, they we try from the inside. But too many won't go inside. Shame, because Ron Paul is RIGHT ON!

I will vote to keep my seat.

You dedserve Obama by voting for him as he has NOTHING and NO ONE to stop him from ditching the Constitution,. Romney has to deal with the Ron Paul Republicans, and we can slow him, but we need more insiders. Ron Paul's plan is brilliant, too bad so many of his supporters don't get it.

You are wrong about what will happen if Obama wins because during that time, the Neocons will flood those open seats with more Neocons. I don't know why Neocons are so willing to do this work and so many Ron Paul supporters are unwilling, but those who are unwilling are why the neocons think we're a joke. They actually stick together and get involved while we run like cock roaches and leave them the cake.

Committee meetings are for one action packed hour, a month. Thank you for your willingness to go there. Ron Paul and all of us KNOW we sure need you and everyone who appreciates Ron Paul's message and wants to remove the Neocons.

Romney does not repressent my views AT ALL. My vote is so Ron Paul REPUBLICANS get some power to make Ron Paul's message a reality, that is all. Romney wins, and we are all equal on the committees. Obama wins and the Neocons will work together to out us.