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A calorie is a calorie

... and "everything in moderation" is the false advice that helped us get into this mess.

Gary Taubes posits an interesting analogy: Say you have a room which people can wander in and out of. At one point the room becomes full of people. So you ask someone: "Why is the room full?"

An answer such as: "Because more people entered it than left it" is patently ridiculous because it tells us absolutely nothing we didn't already know. What we REALLY want to know is: what was in that room that so many people found interesting and made them stay?

If people are getting fatter, of *course* it's because they are eating more than they are burning. But WHY? Simply saying they are taking in more then they are burning does not answer the question of WHY they are getting fat.

We need to stop thinking of obesity as an energy imbalance, but as a disorder of fat storage. It is a disorder within the hormones the body uses to store fat, the most important of which is insulin.