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Comment: I'm not asking anyone to vote for Romney

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I'm not asking anyone to vote for Romney

I'm making an attempt to educate Ron Paul supporters what the process is, at least in my state, CA, when you have done what Ron Paul asked all of us to do, join the GOP (many here did not, would not, will NOT, EVER!!!), after you join the GOP, get on a central committee, or GOP town council, so you have a seat that represents thousands of votes in your county district.

I also want folks to understand, that as committee members, we are bound (though I'm sure there are those who will not vote for Romney, and remain "stealth", but I am NOT stealth. I'm willing to do what I took an oath to do, to empower those like me, who understand that a Romney win, is a win for us, as it empowers GOP seats and not the Democrats).

Romney would have to answer to seated Ron Paul Republicans, Obama does not. While it may not be much, due to the lack of Ron Paul Republicans taking seats, Romney still gives us power and has to answer to us, and Obama does not.

That said, if you frankly don't give a damn about people who actually did what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, by all means, weaken us and suit yourself. I'm NOT voting for Obama or throwing my vote to default for Obama, who is my president, not that I voted for him, I did not, but because I'm an American and he is the president, whether I like it or not. NOT.