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-Stay calm and composed. The majority of the older voters do not respond to confrontation so keeping emotions out of discussion will not only help you make your point, it will put your target at ease and more willing to listen to your ideas. Also, if you are going to talk about the financial stuff about Romney and Bain post 1999, frame it in a way that you are confused. For example: "I keep hearing about how Romney might have possibly had a bigger role at Bain after he said he left the company. That is odd, what do you think?" vs. "Bain lied when he said he wasn't involved with the management of Bain after 1999 and here is the proof" So in a nutshell come off as someone who is confused and searching for facts rather than someone who has already cast judgement and has the facts in their possession. This really helped with me in Texas because I was able to start several random conversations about something totally unrelated and by PAYING ATTENTION to what the target was saying, was able to pivot the conversation into a stealthy "pro-paul" or "pro-liberty" direction without being confrontational. A specific example was one gentlemen who for some reason started off on the area of homosexuality and while I don't recommend even talking about this topic, I had to get a pro liberty idea in the discussion if he was going to bring it up. So he told me about his opinion and I asked "so you believe people make the decision to be gay?" and he agreed. I paused and said "well then wouldn't somebody have to make a decision to be straight?" IDEAS THROUGH STEALTH LOL!!!