Comment: So, let them waste their time.

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So, let them waste their time.

Ron Paul's message is worth the fight to me.

Obama does not have to deal with us because he has Democratic Central Committees occupied with Hillary Democrats which is why he's become a liar... he does THEIR will, not his campaign promises. That's why we have so many empty seats and their's are full.

I've got a mentor like Ron Paul, so there is no need to feel sorry for me. Be sorry that more of us don't care enough about Ron Paul to actually get inside and fight for his message to become more than just a message, but the law of the land.

We can do it, but folks have to get involved. Neither Ron Paul or me (or the few Ron Paul Republicans who did what he asked all of us to do) can do it alone.

My consience is good because I know I'm actually doing what he asked ALL of us to do.

There's probably a Ron Paul Republican on your committee just waiting for you to show up to a meeting, prepared to get you a seat, and saving you from lots of hard work, like we had to do alone.