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Always Been A Skeptic

I've always been skeptical of "low fat" items. Even as a child I avoided them because I thought that just meant more chemical processing to reduce the fat. I'm a skinny man, and though I realize that is partially due to my height and metabolism, I really do watch what I eat. And I have never regarded fat content, because it never made sense to me. You NEED fat. It's natural. It's in meats. But what isn't natural is these crazy amounts of sugar, like you pointed out. Think of candy before the industrial revolution. Or, heck, think of some European candies today. It's nothing like what we consider candy here in the USA.

People think a lot of times that I'm skinny because I'm just lucky, or I was born with some sort of superhero metabolism and can eat whatever I want. But I don't I don't eat red meat, or generally anything that comes from a cow. I rarely drink soda. My coffee is black - no creme, no sugar. Anyhow, I don't get low-fat anything. I get organic food as much as is possible in Oklahoma.

Anyhow, just a though with no scientific data to back it up! ;) Remember, Jesus said not to think about what you eat. Or if you don't remember, there you go, I just told you. He said it. - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.