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Maybe if you think or look at it like a powerful disfunctional family.

Lets say you have a family of 21 people, all with varying needs and wants, and everybody has to eat together to stay together.

No one wanted eggs for dinner, some wanted, chicken, some wanted beef, some wanted pork, some wanted veggies, and then the government drops off a case of eggs because the majority of powerful families got a deal on eggs. The chicken and pork are not enough to feed anyone but the cat and dog. The beef is something one person wants, and everyone else says, "Eggs are free so lets have eggs."

If you are going to stay with your famioly, you're going to eat eggs, or you can leave your family and hit the street.

I don't have to tell anyone, but I KNOW myself, and it's better for me to be honest because I get caught when I've attempted to not be. I was not born with the gift of stealth mode.

No one owns me, I KNOW that.