Comment: Ben thinks he is a magician.

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Ben thinks he is a magician.

Ben wants you to look over here in hopes you don't see the big elephant in the room.

There were about 15 caucus states, of which Ron Paul supporters were the majority in most all, and yet Ben, Doug Wead, and anyone else who thinks your gullible wants you believe Ron Paul didn't win all these states. Heck, they don't even want you thinking about how most of these states were stolen from Ron Paul and his supporters by the opposition breaking or ignoring the rules by cheating and lying in order to steal these states, no they would rather discuss how you have to follow the rules and be respectful to these cheating frauds who assault you and break the rules whenever they please.

We all could sit here and give a long list of how many different times and ways these frauds cheated in order to exclude delegates who were Ron Paul supporters just so Ron Paul wouldn't have the majority in these 15 states. Why isn't Ben and Doug Wead talking about THAT instead of preaching to us what the rules say about having 5 states. WE HAVE 5 states, WE HAVE MORE THAN 5 STATES, BECAUSE THE OPPOSITION CHEATED AND DIDN'T FOLLOW THE RULES when they tried to steal these 15 caucus states. And if these frauds expect us to remain silent in regards to how they cheated and didn't follow the rules then they better remain silent if we choose to ignore the rules and their illegitimate delegates.

Don't let them dictate these false arguments, instead EXPOSE THEM for the cheating lying propaganda pushers that they are. And I'm not just talking about now, I also mean EXPOSE THEM at the convention if they try to continue with this FARCE of stealing the nomination away from Ron Paul.

The delegates are part of the RNC, they have just as many rights in the RNC as anyone else, actually more rights since Ron Paul supporters are legitimately the majority. Our delegates, even the ones who were cheated from becoming national delegates, have a right to be at this convention. They have a right to their own security at the convention as well, and if anyone tries to deny these delegates their rights then that person deserves to be removed from the convention with the help of the delegates security. I hope the delegates ask Adam Kokesh and perhaps a thousand of his veterans to be that security and invite them to the convention. If someone should try to deny them entrance I'm sure these veterans can handle and take control of the situation since they too will have every right to be at this convention just like anyone else. And if Adam Kokesh's security detail want to help make sure our cheated delegates are seated, or that our speakers get to speak since we are the majority, then I'm sure these one thousand veterans can see that our delegates rights are honored. If the minority don't like it, too bad so sad, they can leave. But we will be the ones who control the convention, we will be the ones who control the mic, we will be the ones who control any voting that takes place. We can even disqualify Mitt Romney from being nominated per Rule 11 if we so choose.

And the media of 1500, they can report on all of this, so the world will know how corrupt this minority was in trying to steal the nomination from the legitimate winner. And if someone gives our security any problems I'm sure there will be many more thousands of veterans outside the convention to help reinstall order for our delegates and the RNC.

Tell THAT to the likes of Ben Swann and Doug Wead, then maybe you all will start getting the RESPECT YOU DESERVE, because I don't see it here. All I see is propaganda put out by the minority of the RNC, who will be spinning any Nebraska loss as another reason for media to come in and tell our delegates not to bother showing up to the convention since, according to them, Ron Paul's campaign is dead and he will NOT BE NOMINATED END OF DISCUSSION. Because I believe that's what we will be facing next week, and Ben and Doug are playing right into this message, instead of spreading the truth about how our supporters actually won these 15 caucus states giving Ron Paul every right to be nominated and being allowed to give a speech at the convention.

Start kissing up to Adam Kokesh folks, he and his veterans are your security, and your going to need them. That is if you actually want to win this thing.