Comment: There will be plenty of Catholics in heaven.

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There will be plenty of Catholics in heaven.

They are better than their worldview.

You seem to think that the idea of Hell is unjust. I would like to know the ethical standard by which you judge.

Why can the Christian worldview “better account for Inductive Reasoning.”? Not “better” but “only.” The Christian God is able to sustain the world in such an orderly way that belief in induction is inescapable (essential to human experience) for those who are made in His image and believe in Him, which all humans do (even though many deny that they do). He also assures us that the world He created is of the sort that this belief in Induction (e.g. that language works, that the future will be like the past, that we can speak of “probability”, that there is cause and effect) is warranted (again, when He is presupposed)

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