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Yep you are right Dr. Ron Paul Supporters would have a hard time getting behind ole Ms Rice as VP..not to mention (and Im shouting till my veins pop in my neck and eye balls) HOW WE WOULD RATHER CHEW OUR F-ING RIGHT ARM OFF THEN TO SUPPORT FLIP FLOP WAR PIG RMONEY AS OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Delegate count...sweet Jesus. How much of this SHIT must we take?? And not one word about the screwing his Delegates have taken by the I expected so much more today..WTF?

Fight the good fight Delegates..God Bless each and everyone of you..and I pray that come July 17th..a Bombshell to blow Obama out of the water happens (Sherriff Joe info) and I still pray the Dr. Paul HAS TO ACCEPT THE NOMINATION..stranger things have happen.

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